Working with Nature’s intelligence to co-create outdoor environments that are free-spirited, functional, and ecologically integrated

We co-create spaces that strengthen humanity’s relationship with Nature and with one another

As seen & heard

As seen & heard

Life begins with a single drop of rain

After oxygen, water is the second most important element our lives rely on. But in many regions, water is a resource in short supply.

Our unique process allows our clients to create beautiful outdoor spaces that support living systems and adapt to a changing climate, without creating unnecessary waste.

Every drop of rain can nourish our lives and landscapes

Responsible landscape design is about more than creating a beautiful outdoor space. It’s about being mindful of where every drop of water comes from and where it will go.

By working with Nature’s intelligence – rather than against it – we co-create landscapes that honor every drop of water and release its full potential.

Petrichor is the scent of rain after a long dry period

It represents hope, relief, regeneration, and transformation.

At Studio Petrichor, our methods challenge the status quo. We see the world as one interconnected, interdependent, living system where our actions have a direct impact on our environment and on each other.

Our goal is to educate and empower our clients and communities to create spaces that support and protect Mother Nature’s living systems.

What our clients say about us:

When the wise interactions of water, plants and soil are enhanced by elegant engineering and exuberant artistry, you have the brilliant working team of Studio Petrichor.

Kreigh Hampel
Municipal Recycling Coordinator

Studio Petrichor have shown us how to live sustainably, combat climate change, and reorient the built environment to better serve human needs instead of the needs of the automobile and city planners.

Alexandra Berrie

The team at Studio Petrichor combines science and philosophy with art. They are dedicated to facilitating better coexistence with the natural world, and to better use the resources we already have.

Jody Kenney

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