Your Garden, a Story of Resilience and Abundance, Crafted with Studio Petrichor

Tell us if this sounds like your situation:

“I have a water-thirsty, struggling lawn, an exotic landscape, or a blank canvas of a yard that is a blight on my heart. I want to do something and I want to make sure I do it in a meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable way….but I don’t know how or where to begin.”

Transform your landscape and your life.

Rediscover the change you are seeking in the world. Connect with the land, the waters and the life that surrounds you. Connect to yourself….…all through applying a conscious and purposeful methodology guided by Nature’s intelligence.

Studio Petrichor presents FOUR new Landscape Transformation Offerings…

…for homeowners who align with resilient, water-conscious and native habitat gardens, a glorious and abundant food forest, or a more dynamic hybrid of the two.

Both typologies support basic human needs and desires.

…and for homeowners who seek a deeper connection to Nature and movement toward fulfilling a higher purpose in life: channeling your wild heart, your desire to nurture, your instinct to provide, or your longing to be embraced by Mother Earth. All of this is possible for you.

A landscape transformation is an alchemical, healing journey through which you become the change you’ve been dreaming to be; through which you invite in the joy and peace that you will feel, knowing that you have invested in something bigger than yourself, and in the Nature that you and we all are!

The biosphere is calling on you to reconnect. We are here to support you on your journey! What you stand to gain is an integrated relationship with the Earth’s living systems that provides all that we need to coexist and co-create together.

You are likely overwhelmed by the choices or the contradicting opinions on what to do. You desire connection…period. We get it! We’re living it! We’ve got you!

We know what it’s like to want to do what’s right and yet be confused about how or where to start. What if we told you that the answers are already within you and around you, and that we have the toolkit to unearth those answers?

AND…the answers are specific to your land and your lifestyle. Our role is to tap into your environment and see what solutions emerge. This is more than having a garden…this is being a garden!

Let’s schedule an intake call and consultation for any of our four Landscape Transformation Offerings:

Our Core Service

A Customized, Whole-System Garden Environment Design (front, back, and beyond)

Reimagine your whole property as a fully integrated, utterly enchanting, water-conscious habitat garden that goes above and beyond sustainable. Be fully embraced by your natural surroundings and strengthen your bond with Nature. Let’s co-create a living experience that pulls you outside!

The Front Yard Special

Frontage gardens under 2,000 square feet

An offering for select properties and homeowners who align with the Petrichor Method.  Grow with your garden as you set a new neighborhood standard and reimagine a more naturalistic curb appeal.​

An In-depth Consult with the Petrichor Team

Garden spaces under 1,000 square feet

Dive deep into a spatial transformation with a somatic, energetically-focused design experience led by Shawn and a Petrichor Team Member, followed up by a simple, diagrammatic planting plan.

A Strategic Consultation for Inspiration and the DIYers

Guidance, support, and a touch of the Petrichor magic.

Perfect for those who seek sage wisdom from Shawn Maestretti, Leigh Adams…or both for a more dynamic experience. Let’s do some healing and start to nurture your relationship with Nature.

This journey will change your life, just as it has for our ongoing clients

What our clients say about us:

Our narrow strip of asphalt is now home to living soil that is retaining moisture and sequestering carbon! And best of all we now have a vibrant garden to care for.

Adrienne Wilde
Pasadena Waldorf School

Studio Petrichor resolved a flooding problem in my yard, and converted a liability—too much rainwater—into an asset: captured water for irrigation, stored on site for year-round use. As part of the process, native plants and beneficial birds and insects were given a new home, and previously wasted space has become another asset. I’m now growing food for myself and my friends.

Jody Kenney

Our yard now goes through actual California seasons and we are visited by rare bees, dragonflies, and birds at different times in the year. Even though we live in Hollywood, our native garden has a natural rhythm and offers an urban retreat.

Ken MacFarlane and Robert Harrison

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