Inspiring a global paradigm shift by influencing humanity’s reintegration with nature

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” — Anne Frank

Shawn Maestretti is a designer, licensed landscape architect and contractor, certified arborist and permaculture designer, plant daddy, educator, author-in-the-works, and environmental activist.  He is inspired and moved by the natural world, propelling his purpose toward a better, brighter future for his son and generations beyond.  His mission is to inspire a global paradigm shift that will transform humanity’s relationships with each other and with Nature…one shift at a time.

Reimagining Landscape + Lifestyle

Shawn Maestretti principle at Studio Pertichor is helping clients and communities make small but effective lifestyle changes to nurture beautiful, meaningful and transformational  landscapes. Do you have 10 minutes to experience his message at  EVOSO Live?

Human behaviors are driving emissions which are heating up the biosphere, and those behaviors are driven by individual, as well as collective beliefs and values.  It is at the intersections of landscape and lifestyle where humanity can reimagine simple and approachable actions to support the living systems that support all life.  Join me for 10 minutes to explore some intriguing ideas that will benefit you and your loved ones.


“Shawn and Leigh are experts in their field and have a true passion for the environment, for building community and for building connection with the natural systems which sustain us. They approach their work with great attention to quality and making a meaningful impact.”
– Ursula Schmidt, Pasadena Water and Power

“This has been the answer to my despair over what has been happening to the environment. It feels so good to be able to go into my backyard and to see, to feel the life that is now happening.”
– Mary Haden, Collaborator

“Shawn has a passion for his work which is infectious and translates his learnings into models which we can all apply to our daily lives to positively improve our relationship with the environment around us: physically, metaphorically, and spiritually. He will leave your audience feeling more eco-conscious, non-judgmentally, and in a way which empowers people to shift their behaviors.”
– Dr. Mark McBride-Wright

Liven Your Event with a Guest Speaker

Approachable and accessible, Shawn’s talks and course have been delivered to primary students as well as professionals. The four part design course, Redesigning Landscape and Lifestyle, is an in-depth, interactive series for novice gardeners to landscape design professionals.

Keynote talk 45 min: Reimaging Landscape + Lifestyle

Workshop 90 min: Reimaging Landscape + Lifestyle

Four Part Design Course: Redesigning Landscape and Lifestyle