Mt. Washington Overlook

Function, Style, Vision

Enhancing and framing the spectacular views and the tranquil environment of this hillside home, creating continuity throughout multiple areas, interlacing spaces together with pollinators supporting native plantings and making mindful material choices will contribute to the flow and enjoyment of this environment. Envision this enchanted series of outdoor spaces blended with an ambience supporting entertaining as well as reflection and nourishment of the body, mind and spirit.

Friends and family may gather for peaceful and bonding moments around the crackling sound of fire as they overlook the exquisite vista of the San Gabriel mountains. A dream customized outdoor Kitchen awaits the opportunity to create memories for all those fortunate enough to sit , have a beer or glass of wine and relax with a home cooked meal in this exquisite space.

Imagine birds and butterflies above while taking a dip in the pool and smell the heady aroma of indigenous plants. And as you walk around the garden, your feet will be in for a therapeutic treat as they move through a unique sensory ground plane.

The feeling of this garden brings a fresh sense of spirit and enjoyment.

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