Hollywood Hills Sanctuary

A post-modern home and gardens nestled in the wild hills of Los Angeles’s beachwood canyon

Conservation in the wild

What started as a simple backyard garden for one owner eventually became a wild native habitat created for comfort, inspiration, and engagement with nature for the next home owner. The rear garden represents a native chaparral hillside that transitions along a path of water into a lush riparian edge that captures rainwater, limiting waste and ensuring a lush garden year-round.

Color, form, and function

The front garden captures the eye with Queen Victoria Agave speckled into a massing of bold yellow, orange, and red stonecrops. The fragrance of lavender permeates the air, and a large black pine provides just enough shade to keep the house cool during the warm summer months. A lush, green passageway terminates at the back patio space where a bright pink flowering Western Redbud greets visitors. A simple grassy meadow surrounded by Creeping Barberry and Corsican Hellebore create a calming relaxed feeling around the furniture.

“Shawn is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Shawn is creative, collaborative, and easy to work with. His enthusiasm sparked our own. Shawn anticipates, follows through, and gets the job done. We were very impressed working with him.”


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