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Pacific Horticulture | Shawn Maestretti

Pacific Horticulture Design Futurist Award 2023

La Canada Resilient Cottage Garden

Hunter Industries | Shawn Maestretti

The Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle Of Excellence Award 2021

For Environmental Initiatives, using Nature-based solutions


Horticulture Magazine | Shawn Maestretti

Horticulture Magazine – March/April 2024

Gardeners are finding new uses for the time tested technique of Hugelkultur

Studio Petrichor | Shawn Maestretti


How You Can Help Refill LA’s Aquifers By Capturing Stormwater At Home

Los Angeles Times | Wesley Lapointe

Los Angeles Times

She cut her water bill in half by tearing out her lawn and going all in on ‘hugelkultur’

Los Angeles Times | Alisha Jucevic
Los Angeles Times

How to tear out your lawn by yourself (Hint: Start collecting cardboard now)

Los Angeles Times | Alisha Jucevic
Los Angeles Times

Learn how to kill lawns for good while saving these nuns from crushing water bills

Irrigation and Lighting

Shawn Maestretti: The sustainability alchemist

Talk Radio

KEQD Forum

How to Replace Your Water-Intensive Lawn

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