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Sowing the seeds for a new paradigm of landscape architecture and design

Our landscapes and lifestyles are unquestionably intertwined

At Studio Petrichor, we see the world as one interconnected, interdependent, living system where we have a direct impact on our environment, and our environment has a direct impact on us.

We work with a diverse range of (commercial & residential) clients to help them create beautiful, functional, and ecologically-integrated outdoor environments that will inspire and delight for years to come.

Our goal is to get you into your garden, reintegrating with the natural world and evolving alongside your landscape.

We co-create spaces that strengthen relationships with Nature and each other

From our first consultation to your ongoing relationship with the biosphere, we are by your side doing meaningful work with you. Here’s what that might look like…


We begin with a phone call to get to know you, your desires for your garden and share a little about us and our process.


We set up a paid site visit for Shawn to walk your gardens with you and exchange ideas. This allows him to start envisioning the scope of work and put together a proposal for your project.


As a team we conduct an on-site inventory, assessment and analysis to reveal the unique possibilities for the garden you’re imagining.


Using mindful best practices and Nature’s intelligence, we design a form of the landscape that follows the natural function of each outdoor environment. These spaces will support water optimization, living soil, biodiversity and a palette of beautiful, region-appropriate plant friends.


We work collaboratively with you to refine the design, before finalizing planting plans, hardscape, irrigation, habitat-friendly landscape lighting and arranging any necessary permits.


We work with you and a suitable contractor to ensure that design becomes reality. This can include contractor selection, bid review, site visits for quality control, hands-on collaboration, observation, scheduling assistance and supporting communication between you and the contractor.


We’ll maintain a long-term, ongoing relationship with you and your outdoor environments. Depending on your needs, this might look like regular or seasonal maintenance consulting, water management, or continuing development.


Do you work with municipal as well as residential?

We currently work with Pasadena Water and Power and are starting to focus on more municipal possibilities as well as our usual residential work. To discuss your municipal project please get in touch.

Can you handle all of the construction?

Our design fees do not include installation/construction. But we are happy to handle the Construction Administration on your behalf, working either with your team or our trusted installation partners.

Having experienced eyes from the design team on site, can mitigate communication issues between the client and the contractor, and prevent any legal or liability issues from arising.

This stage of a project is often flexible, but can include contractor selection, bid review, site visits for quality control, supporting communication between contractor and clients, hands-on assistance with planting, hugelkultur, or material placement and creation of maintenance manual and irrigation maps.

I only have a small space, can it still make an impact?

Absolutely. It’s not about how large your landscape is. It’s about the systems you can implement and the life that is able to thrive in it.

I’m not good at gardening, are your services for me?

90% of the success of a thriving landscape comes down to how you care for it after it is installed. While we believe that everyone can learn to create a loving relationship with their garden, if you just want to enjoy the space without worrying about the maintenance then we can provide the ongoing support you need.

Can you prepare tree reports/inventories on our projects?

We sure can. Shawn is an ISA certified arborist.

What our clients say about us:

Our narrow strip of asphalt is now home to living soil that is retaining moisture and sequestering carbon! And best of all we now have a vibrant garden to care for.

Adrienne Wilde
Pasadena Waldorf School

Studio Petrichor resolved a flooding problem in my yard, and converted a liability—too much rainwater—into an asset: captured water for irrigation, stored on site for year-round use. As part of the process, native plants and beneficial birds and insects were given a new home, and previously wasted space has become another asset. I’m now growing food for myself and my friends.

Jody Kenney

Our yard now goes through actual California seasons and we are visited by rare bees, dragonflies, and birds at different times in the year. Even though we live in Hollywood, our native garden has a natural rhythm and offers an urban retreat.

Ken MacFarlane and Robert Harrison

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