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Landfill to Landscape in La Canada: Hugelkultur Workshop

2019 Event Calendar

Come with us on a journey beyond sustainability.

  • December


    Landfill to Landscape in La Canada: Hugelkultur Workshop

    Join Regenerative Garden Designers Leigh Adams and Shawn Maestretti for a hands-on opportunity to learn how to build a Hugelkultur berm to retain moisture, build healthy soil and grow a healthy garden.


  • January

    JANUARY 11th and 25th, FEBRUARY 8th and 22nd @ 8:30AM – 1:00PM  – LA ARBORETUM, CA

    Regenerative Garden Design Course

    Join landscape architect, contractor, arborist and climate activist, Shawn Maestretti for a four part garden design course for an in depth journey through regenerative concepts and practices.  Students will learn the principles and elements of design, how to capture rainwater, nurture living soil, design with native and climate-appropriate plants, re-purpose materials to reduce your carbon footprint, implement permaculture techniques to reduce green waste, and much more.  It is possible to have a beautiful, well-orchestrated and truly regenerative landscape, we just need to push through a few barriers first.

    Please call the Arboretum Education Department at 626.821.4623 to register.



    Sheet Mulching Workshop with Pasadena Water and Power

    PWP is embarking on a landscape transformation at the Sheldon Reservoir. During this time, PWP encourages community members to take part in our hands-on workshops at Sheldon Reservoir. This January, we’ll be hosting Sheet Mulching for Healthy Soil Workshops. Sheet mulching is a permaculture technique designed to suppress weeds, improve soil health and reduce the need for irrigation; typically by utilizing a biodegradable weed barrier like cardboard.


Presentation Testimonials

  • “Nature-centric education plays a pivotal role in sparking intrinsic motivation, improving student behavior, promoting effective communication, strengthening cooperation, enhancing academic achievement, nurturing students with special needs and creating healthier, happier future generations. Shawn Maestretti and Leigh Adams’ presentation on Climate Reality will cater to all of the aforementioned advantages of educating students to walk with nature, protect it, and look up to it for answers to everything.”

    Kavitha Satya, Middle School Science Teacher, New Horizon School
  • “Wow. I have heard talks similar to pieces of yours but never one that had ALL of that excellent information in it. The graphics were spot on and made it so easy for anyone to understand what is going on with our planet. I believe that you should take your presentation to people in Congress. Everyone needs to experience this presentation. We do need to garden like our lives depend on it. I am inspired to go and really take my habitat gardening to the next level, starting with using Hugelkultur. Thank you so much!”

    Lisa Bellora, San Diego Landscape Designer
  • “I just attended a beautifully integrated lecture given by Mr. Shawn Maestretti entitled Climate Reality: Regeneration of the Landscape. This wonderful talk illuminated the interconnections between urban gardens, carbon sequestration, soil construction, water conservation, green mulch, and climate change… I highly recommend attending one of his educational programs if you have the opportunity.”

    Rebecca A. Behar-Johnson, recent attendee of Climate Reality: Regeneration of the Landscape presentation
  • “Kudos to Shawn Maestretti for his enthusiastic and skillful presentation of an emerging paradigm for urban gardens. This paradigm frames the global causes and impacts associated with climate change and describes actions that can be applied locally in gardens and landscapes of all sizes to address these causes and impacts.Climate Reality: Regeneration of the Landscape embraces carbon sequestration, heat island cooling, climate adapted plants, rainwater harvesting, habitat enhancement and a vision for gardens of the future.”

    Bob Perry, FASLA, Author of Landscape Plants for California Gardens
    Themeforest Customer

Meet your distinguished speakers

Shawn Maestretti
Landscape Architect | California #6203, Nevada #1016

Designer, arborist, contractor, plantsman, educator, thought leader and environmental steward. Shawn has been creating exceptionally designed and artfully developed gardens in both California and Nevada since 2006. Highly collaborative, with a strong attention to detail and a knack for problem solving, he helps his clients realize outdoor living spaces that they will connect to for years to come. Shawn combines extensive horticultural experience, strong composition skills, and environmentally sensible practices with a wide palette of visually and textually interesting climate appropriate plants, breathing new life and a sense of place into every garden.

As a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corp, a Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate, and activist in the movement to care for the environment, Shawn has been presenting on regenerative landscapes and their impact on climate change in his new presentation series Climate Reality: Regeneration of the Landscape. His personal mission is to connect with the natural world, tread lightly on the land, nurture biodiversity, protect water, and bring people together.


Leigh Adams

Leigh is an educator, eco-sensitive designer and horticultural interpreter at the LA County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens. She has trained many county agencies in regenerative practices as well as conducting hands on workshops with local schools and professional groups. Her love of collaboration and education infuse all aspects of her work, leaving participants with a profound sense of empowered accomplishments. Currently she holds multiple artist’s residencies at the LA Arboretum, Metabolic Studios and New Horizon School. She has received a Global Citizen Award from the United Nations, an Angel Award from the City of Los Angeles and an Outstanding Citizen Award from the County of Los Angeles.

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