Tenet #9 – Cultivating Collaboration

At Studio Petrichor, we believe that “teamwork makes the dream work.” Propelling each other forward through constructive coaching and encouragement are foundations of our everyday practice. We agree with Ruth Defries’ assertion in What Would Nature Do? that no society can function without individuals working together to achieve a common goal. 

Successful collaboration combines and uses the skills of others to complement and support our own abilities and vice versa. It is a joyful process of open-source sharing and experimentation that involves learning through successes as well as failures. With a collective goal in mind and unwavering commitment to each other, we gain camaraderie and connection with those who are like-minded, but also those who are nothing like us. Collaboration allows us to be inspired by others’ work, dedication, passion, or mindset. Quite simply, when we collaborate, we grow together! 

Cultivating collaboration requires a better leadership paradigm. Moreover, outdated ideas of leadership are unnecessary—even a hindrance—to true collaboration. We view leadership as a collective effort that is not built on the base of authority, but instead on accountability and candor. It is humanistic at its core with the ultimate goal being co-elevation. When leaders emphasize intimacy, vulnerability, and empathy, we can rise to new heights together. As Keith Ferrazzi states in his book Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time, “Success in any field…is about working with people, not against them.” 

We have found collaboration is much more rewarding than competition and furthermore creates a sense of belonging and partnership. When you can honor the contributions of each individual while still preserving their identity, everyone wins. Through an ongoing dialogue of coaching, support, and encouragement, one may even find unexpected personal growth and adaptability in oneself. The experience of giving and receiving, offering and asking for help is redeeming for each person involved.  

Our professional collaborations enrich us with potentials and possibilities that would otherwise be out of our reach. We contribute to one another and grow more capable together. Differing strengths bring differing perspectives to problem solving and other creative endeavors. And when our work is done, we have more friends with whom to celebrate our accomplishments!

We love to put on our boots, roll up our sleeves, and get into the soil as a team. It allows us the chance to sniff out unsuspected risks and opportunities that would not be seen while simply sitting behind a desk. That connection with the landscape and with our collaborators is the difference between a good project or a great experience

Nature has shown us that collaboration is not only the most efficient way to survive, but is also a guaranteed way to THRIVE together.  Being “in community” is what makes things work. Creating change is a marathon, and we want to work with those who want to go the distance alongside us.  

Our clients invest in gardens that restore natural cycles and in collaborations supporting living systems that proliferate life, rather than ones that interrupt and diminish life. It’s amazing to know that we (humans) are the catalyst to a truly regenerative feedback loop. In order to succeed, we embrace participating….together.

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