Reimagining Landscape + Lifestyle

Human behaviors are driving emissions which are heating up the biosphere, and those behaviors are driven by individual, as well as collective beliefs and values.

It is at the intersections of landscape and lifestyle where humanity can reimagine simple and approachable actions to support the living systems that support all life. Join me for 10 minutes to explore some intriguing ideas that will benefit you and your loved ones

Hey there….I love speaking very much and I want this to become a huge part of my work so I can inspire more folks to Reimagine Landscape + Lifestyle.

Do you have an event coming up where you need a speaker? I am your person! Let’s connect and discuss collaborating. I would love to be your keynote speaker.

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Shawn Maestretti is a designer, plantsman, licensed landscape architect and contractor, certified arborist and permaculture designer, educator, author-in-the-works, and environmental activist. He is inspired and moved by the natural world which propels his purpose toward a better, brighter future for his son and future generations. His mission is to inspire a global paradigm shift that will transform humanity’s relationship with each other and their reintegration with Nature.

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