Rediscovering Ourselves Through Nature

Join us as we explore how to learn to live with Nature again through local native habitats, especially the chaparral.

For more than two million years we evolved outside, in Nature, driven by our instincts. Over the last several thousand years, our newly conscious minds have tried to reconcile the conflict between the demands of civilization, social expectations, and our ancient, wild selves. Yet despite our best efforts, the conflict persists, causing many of the personal, social, and environmental problems we face today, including our failure to live safely in fire-prone environments.

Besides being the director of the California Chaparral Institute, Richard W. Halsey is also a writer, photographer, and most importantly, a guide to help others reconnect with Nature. Halsey has given more than 500 presentations and written numerous books, research papers, and articles over the past 15 years concerning chaparral ecology and the importance of reestablishing our connection with Nature. 

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