Pillow Talk In The Garden

Birds do it, bees do it, even your favorite native trees do it...
What gets your booty shaking in the garden? Credit: Gifer.com/Bob’s Burgers

Disclaimer – This blog post may lose a few followers, and it may seduce a few more.  

You may be triggered by this and/or you may be spiritually aroused.  Today I ask that we collectively put our cultural conditioning in a box on a shelf somewhere, and look at sex for what it is….loving, creative energy between atoms, Adams, ants and alligators.

I feel an inappropriate giggle well up inside every time I hear someone say, “Oaks are promiscuous.” How about you? 

There is so much awkwardness around sex.  Perhaps for a number of reasons such as trauma, cultural conditioning, religion, a lack of healthy nurturing in childhood…the list goes on and on. I am not here to address the fear and angst around sex. I am here to celebrate the beauty of attraction, playfulness and co-creation. 

Do you flirt with your plants? Credit: Gifer.com/Bob’s Burgers

Over the past couple of decades, I have been experiencing life on life’s terms. Getting more familiar and comfortable with life/death cycles, letting go, building up, only to be destroyed and broken down again. This is what science refers to as entropy and syntropy.  So….I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge a subject that is near and dear to me….SEX…as a powerful, generative force that surrounds us, is in us, makes us squirm, writhe, blush….and EXIST!

Spring, Easter (AKA Ishtar), the maypole of the historical traditions, are all about SEX…and the celebration of sex, fertility and a hope for an abundant harvest.

When I look out into my garden and think back through time at the emergent becoming of this magical space, I recall all of the moments of doubt, frustration, triumph, ecstasy, and loss. I also go on to think about all of the projects that came to be through Studio Petrichor’s evolutionary process. Taking the road less traveled, meaning, against the societal and cultural grain, has been a frustrating and sometimes lonely journey. 

As a deeply flirtatious individual, I wish to celebrate sex in the garden…in all of its kinky, shocking, and delicious forms. Whether it be for birthing, loving, pleasure, healing….sex is a result of attraction and, in its deepest essence, a powerful magic that IS LOVE.  Whether it be hetero, homo, and the spectrum of diverse manifestations in between and beyond….sex is how we all exist.  Attraction is evident, whether it be two male humpback whales having sex or a magnet holding last week’s shopping list on your fridge.  

Pale Swallowtail getting down with Verbena Lilacina at Casa Petrichor

The explosion of beauty in our little Altadena garden…right now…this Spring…is an ongoing result of flirty bees, thirsty butterflies, cocky crows and clever scrub jays, as well as connective and digestive mycelium breaking down material only to co-create new life and its emergence. This garden, the surrounding landscape…this green and blue marble hurtling through space is one cosmic and quantum orgy…and I am grateful to be a participant in this very special dance. I only hope that other planets and other galactic cultures get to experience this kind of fun…or could it be that there is a waitlist to get here?

After all, I don’t believe it is any coincidence that there are this many souls on this planet for no reason at all but to awaken to what truly is the answer we keep missing the point on….LOVE is the answer, the attraction between atoms, the force that makes all of what we see and do possible….the light to which we all will return.

“To see and to be seen. That is the truest nature of love.” – Brene Brown

Let’s do it…Let’s fall in love! It is our hope that you are celebrating a new Spring today and seeing the world and each other with fresh eyes. Much love to you all!

Shawn Maestretti

Founder and Principal Landscape Medium of Studio Petrichor

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