Meet Poly/Ana

Our new not-for-profit organization takes its name from the optimistic protagonist of Eleanor H. Porter's novels.

We’re proud to be Pollyannas!

“… there is something about everything that you can be glad about, if you keep hunting long enough to find it.”
― Eleanor H. Porter, Pollyanna

We are very excited to announce the dawning of Poly/Ana, our new not-for-profit service organization whose mission is to educate and empower communities as agents of change and to honor and protect the Earth’s natural, living systems.

Why the name Poly/Ana? Because we are a group of hopeful, grateful, and noticeably glad movement leaders who have been called “Pollyanna” on many occasions because of our exuberant optimism. We thank those who so aptly named us and wear this title as a badge of honor.  Poly/Ana also translates to “a collection of many,” which we hope to be with our community’s help and support.

Over the past three years, we at Studio Petrichor have been working hard to include meaningful actions in everything we do, from how we design and implement our projects to our research, educational outreach, and community-building workshops. Our work has brought us to a place where we want to do even more by engaging the communities in which we work. Our promise is to bring regenerative education, principles, and practices to local communities through workshops, research, and collaborative projects.

If you’d like to help us fulfill our mission to educate and inspire, we would love to have your support. Your contributions will enable us to provide more outreach and education to schools, communities, and interested organizations. With your help, we can create more regenerative landscapes that support their inhabitants and enrich the daily lives of our friends and neighbors. Together, we can do this!

We are currently being fiscally sponsored by 50/50 Leadership until we reach our 501(c)(3) status. The best way to donate is with a check made out to 50/50 Leadership with “Poly/Ana” in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to:

50/50 Leadership
P.O. Box 11202
Glendale, CA 91226

We know people don’t really write checks much anymore, but this is the least costly method for 50/50 Leadership to process donations. You can also donate through the PayPal App on any mobile device, but they take a cut as well. If you would like to use PayPal, send your donation to and mention that the donation is for Poly/Ana in the note or use this handy QR code:

Thank you for supporting us. We can’t wait to get to work!

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