Tenet #10 – Educating and Empowering

As design practitioners, we are always actively learning. Our goal with Tenet 10 is to “pass it on” through Education and Empowerment. Design does not end at the delivery of our construction documents. We are always imagining ways to involve others to carry the torch by helping us build, care for, learn from, and improve upon their own landscapes, homes or communities. Funny thing….we find that when we teach we also learn! So we grow, when you grow….how cool is that?

These landscapes evolve right alongside us and it is important to acknowledge them as growing, living, changing entities. We don’t want merely to build them for our clients; we want to build them with our clients…with you too. At our monthly, onsite workshops, we create opportunities in the design work itself to bring people together to increase connectivity and strengthen bonds between them and their communities. Some of the joys of these workshops include: meeting new people, learning new skills, and building something tangible alongside one another. You can share a meal or a snack together and watch as total strangers become friends, collaborators, and even ambassadors to their communities. Very frequently they return for another workshop, arriving together or bringing someone new. And the cycle begins again, reiterative, regenerative and encouraging. We feel the world benefits from that encouragement and we are inviting you to be a part of that feeling of optimism and renewal. 

In the current state of affairs on this planet people are teetering on hope or hopelessness and we have found that being in action = hope. Just as a smile is a contrary action when you are feeling down, the act of getting outside and helping someone else out…maybe by building a garden, is a powerful action when you don’t know what to do.  Are you feeling down or anxious about climate change? You are not alone and you can always take action through contribution! Contribution and being in service of others is at the heart of what we do at Studio Petrichor, BUT taking action requires making a choice. The more people who contribute increases the number of stakeholders we have in the outcome, and it is the easiest way to take the first step out of these overwhelming, sometimes numbing feelings.

Our ultimate mission is to inspire a global paradigm shift by influencing people’s relationships to nature and their impact on natural systems. Our call to action for you, is to join us in the mission by getting your hands dirty, connecting with the soil, and reconnecting yourself to the natural world around you. Our love for this planet runs deep within us and we want to support our children, along with the next 7 generations, to be able to love and care for her too.

We will continue to share our stubborn optimism, our actions and ways that you can get in relationship with this spectacularly, benevolent, abundant world from which we all arose. This is what we do. This is the manifestation of our Call To Action. This is the foundation of our WHY.  To bring YOU, our community, into the realm of action which is the catalyst to a feedback loop that is truly regenerative.

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