Designing Whole-system Gardens

This is a wonderful opportunity for landscape professionals, students, garden enthusiasts and everyone to explore possibilities and walk away with simple, tangible tools to reimagine both landscape and lifestyle.

What is a whole-systems garden? Great question… and happens to be one that continually unfolds, just as our gardens do. Beginning with redefining Form Follows Function, if and when we put living systems first, the functions of a living system become our north star as both professional designers and the home gardener. We will be looking at the energy cycle, a much needed upgrade in mindset and the 10 Tenets practiced at Studio Petrichor, which IS our process.

Leigh Adams, Studio Petrichor, Poly/Ana and Metabolic Studio

Leigh is an educator and eco-sensitive designer. She has been a groundbreaking, horticultural interpreter at the LA County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens for many years and has trained many county agencies in regenerative practices. She has conducted hundreds of hands-on, organically based workshops with local schools, private citizens and professional groups. Her love of collaboration and education infuse all aspects of her work, leaving participants with a profound sense of empowered accomplishments.

Shawn Maestretti, Studio Petrichor and Poly/Ana

Shawn has been co-creating exceptionally designed and artfully reimagined gardens in both California and Nevada since 2006. A collaborative visionary and optimistic “possibilitarian”, he is a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corp, a Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate, and an activist in the movement to care for the environment.

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