Pasadena – Reconnecting to the Watershed (Project In Construction)

Where “Form Follows Function is being reimagined”

Located in the wide, tree-lined streets of suburban Pasadena where historic craftsman homes are as bountiful as the kind neighbors that walk by. Our client was looking to transform her water thirsty lawn and her surrounding spaces into an enchanting “whole-system” garden. The main goals were to enhance habitat/biodiversity, integrate rainfall, nurture the soil microbiome, accentuate mountain views and create moments for connection and reflection.

This project showcases ways in which the front yard can become an interface for the community, both above and below ground. The function of the front continues through to the back, as rainwater is ushered into a series of sequential rain gardens. The forms in this garden are soft and curvaceous, giving rise to circulation that pulls one to journey into suburban nature. Undulating berms hug the rain gardens along the journey and make this landscape full of discovery.

Features of this Whole Systems Garden

  • Soil building through Carbon Culture practices (like lasagna mulching and hugelkultur)
  • Rainfall integration through harvesting techniques
  • Hyperlocal resilient native plants
  • Fruit trees and native hedgerows for privacy
  • Repurposed materials to construct hardscape
  • Multiple garden moments for engaging with the landscape

Garden Vision:
A place that wants to be surrounded by the full spectrum of nature. This garden is imagined to evoke a sense of connection and responsibility towards (personal and planetary) well-being. Supporting water optimization, this new garden creates moments for gathering and relaxation that welcomes friends and family to watch as wildlife and pollinators thrive. A tranquil setting brings to you a place to roam and sit as you watch the birds and butterflies flutter around leaving you breathlessly in awe.

Please follow along on this page to see how the garden develops over time during and after construction

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