Regenerative Landscape Architecture in Pasadena, CA

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Studio Petrichor is not afraid to get dirty. We are a hands-on regenerative landscape design company. From the first consultation to the life-long sustainability plan, we are by your side doing the hard work with you. One of our goals is to get you into the garden, where you are connected to nature and can grow with your landscape.

We work with you to reimagine your landscape and create spaces that you will enjoy for years to come. Let’s collaborate — give us a call or send us an email today.

An Overview of Our Services

Our goal is to strengthen your relationship with the landscape through thoughtful design, ethical practices, and nature-based solutions. All of our services contribute to that goal.

Landscape Design and Build

Our job is to provide you with attractive landscape designs that also enhance the health of your landscape. Then, our knowledgeable contractors work hard to bring those designs to life. We always encourage your input so that we can create a landscape you truly love.

Regenerative Landscaping

The mission of regenerative landscape design is to restore soil health, improve water capture and infiltration, and enhance biodiversity through practices that work hand-in-hand with natural, living systems. We are certified in permaculture design and are constantly expanding our knowledge in the field.

Soil Restoration

Soil restoration starts with bringing carbon back into the soil, both to improve the network of microorganisms that make true, living soil and to keep carbon out of the atmosphere. Our methods for inviting carbon back into the soil include hugelkultur, composting, lasagna mulching, biochar applications, and plant community–based design.

Rainwater Harvesting

Working with the topography of your landscape and drawing inspiration from natural waterways, we harvest rainwater using a variety of methods for both long and short term storage.

Water Optimization

Here in Southern California, we know that water is a precious resource so we work to use it efficiently. Soil optimization is the key to water optimization. Our goal is to minimize your use of potable water on the landscape and increase your landscape’s resiliency.

Native Habitat Gardens

One of our goals is to enhance habitat and biodiversity, which we accomplish by using a primarily native plant palette to invite native pollinators and wildlife into your garden. Native, climate-appropriate plants are the first line of defense against habitat loss.


At Studio Petrichor, we want to share our love of nature and strengthen our community. We are educators and leaders who facilitate hands-on workshops and give presentations on regenerative practices and the climate crisis.

Are you looking to transform your residential or community space into a healthy landscape that supports nature and enriches your daily life? Contact Studio Petrichor today to learn more about regenerative landscapes, permaculture, and how we can assist you in reimagining your outdoor spaces.

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