To Our Clients…Past, Present and Future…

This month, in the spirit of giving back, we would like to highlight our forward-thinking and brave clients who are taking the leap into an earth supportive consciousness, while also healing their relationships with soil and the natural world.

It takes courage to remove a standardized, controlled landscape and replace it with the unfamiliar, such as landforms, contours, native plants, and yes….even logs. During the implementation of the garden, curiosities may arise….

  • “What are those big mounds?”
  • “I don’t understand what’s going on here.” 
  • “The whole neighborhood is watching.”  
  • “Do these people know what they are doing?”  

We are at times subject to all of that and more, facing questioning from long time neighbors, friends and random passers-by. As materials like logs, cardboard, and mountains of mulch, arrive on site, they may object even more!   

Yes…these are bold moves, but Mother Earth needs us to be bold and step out of our comfort zone.  All of this can be daunting, but such daring moves are rewarded by decreased water usage, a stronger connection to community, rich habitat filled with delightful scents, and most importantly…an engagement with nature never experienced before at home. 

Your willingness to provide bold, experimental, environmentally responsible, low tech, pollinator support is rewarded with an abundance of wildlife, the seasonal gift of anticipation, and the ever-unfolding mysteries of an indigenous garden.

THANK YOU…for sharing with us your trust, patience, and enthusiasm. Thank you for being willing to undertake the process of discovering what is unique to the land that you care so deeply about. We are sincerely grateful to work with those who are seeking out consciousness and collaboration.

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