Pasadena Water and Power

Sheldon Reservoir Highlights

Municipal and community engagement is one of our many regenerative goals as we move through the current climate of chaos. This world is experiencing great trauma right now. The COVID-19 Pandemic, the war against social injustices, the climate crisis, worldwide desertification, and so much more. All of these are a result of our (human) disruption to natural processes. To name just a few, the enslavement and genocide of fellow people, carbon emissions from fossil fuels, poisoning water resources, the destruction of habitat, and so on. Our “pipedreams” of transforming as much of the public and private realm into the possibility of land, water, habitat and climate regeneration is so close we can feel it. It takes collaboration, mindfulness, patience and most importantly….COMMUNITY. Yes, community is the key to soil, plant and human successes.

Partnering with municipalities such as Pasadena Water and Power, we were able to help transform a portion of the Sheldon Reservoir (at Conniston and Arroyo Blvd.) into a new model of regenerative garden and habitat sanctuary. We helped facilitate a number of lasagna “sheet” mulching workshops, a corner hugelkultur & native planting design and hands-on workshops with folks from across Los Angeles County. This type of “hands-on” community learning situation has been successful in the LA Arboretum, schools and private homes.


Photo by Studio Petrichor

As previously posted, we had the opportunity to transform 350 sq. feet of asphalt at the Pasadena Waldorf School into a sinuous, continuous and bountiful hugelkultur berm. Think about what could be possible with the acres of asphalt across the country or globe when we can transform them into ecosystems instead of allowing those materials to burn or to go into landfills.

Photo by Studio Petrichor 

In this instance, the bio-activity of the Hugel is enhanced by the water harvesting ability of the swale. As the mycorrhizal fungi spread through the logs and mulch of the swale and the Hugel, each is able to move more water laterally and infiltrate more water vertically, a mutually beneficial reciprocity. You’ll also notice the plant life thriving in these young but mutualistic systems.

Our residential work has been just as impactful and life-changing for our clients and THEY are now spending more and more time in their gardens, connecting to nature, having a profound ripple effect.

At Studio Petrichor, our action is helping YOU to reimagine and realize your resilient homestead, community sanctuary or private space and to participate in land regeneration. Our regenerative mission is to educate and empower communities as agents of change to protect natural, living systems.

If you wish to be a part of the solution revolution, here are some things you can do: