A regenerative relationship that will ripple through Pasadena for years to come.

After our initial education program at Jackie Robinson Community Center with Pasadena Water and Power, we were asked to embark on a series of educational workshops on regenerative practices such as lasagna mulching, hugelkultur, rainwater harvesting, and much more.

Sheldon Reservoir is the first location we were asked to inventory and analyze for the potential use of the regenerative principles and design practices that we live by. Could we optimize local water resources, suggest ways to repurpose green waste, and ultimately harvest water, both actively and passively? Through a series of community workshops, many powerful conversations, and a design plan for the corner of Conniston Road and Arroyo Boulevard, we created the first public hugelkultur berm installations in Pasadena.

With the support of our friends, neighbors of the Reservoir, and community members who wanted to learn something new, we began this project with a series of hands-on workshops in the community. With each successive workshop, the number of participants grew. Our greatest joy comes from hearing that those participants (especially those who didn’t know each other to begin with) are now working together in their own homes and communities to employ the new techniques they have learned.