We talk a lot about degenerative landscapes vs. regenerative landscapes, and the future of “sustainable landscapes” as being the road toward a thriving future for all…..but we have missed the mark.

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The past few weeks we have witnessed a much-needed, long overdue uprising of our brothers and sisters of all colors, that has shaken the world to its core. This uprising can only be a minor tremble in comparison to the 450 years, and longer, of racial divide and the horrors this planet and its people of color have endured.

We are witnessing the 6th and largest mass extinction of species ever, on the Earth we call home. Loss of crucial pollinators, the overfishing of our oceans, countless land mammals from poaching, centuries of fellow humans being slaughtered in the name of the human ego, white supremacy and a male dominant culture’s worldwide.

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Extraction – the action of taking out something, especially using effort or force.

Since humans ceased to wander and began to settle, they started to extract what they needed in order to build shelter, create tools for agriculture and grow food for their communities. The deleterious effect on the environment would not be obvious for centuries or even millenia. Native American practices were so harmonious with natural processes that the annihilation of those Indigenous Peoples have left many of our resources at risk. We would do well to seek the balance of Nature that we have lost.

Extraction could also be considered a form of depleting something’s essence and as we can see through mankind’s need to create and consume, we have released so much of Mother Nature’s essences. I know it sounds like something out of the Dark Crystal, but it is the reality.

Through slavery, segregation and genocide, man has stolen the essence of Indigenous and Black peoples, in conjunction with the Planet’s, for centuries and it has had a profoundly negative effect.

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We at Studio Petrichor believe that diversity is the key to a thriving future. We believe that transforming degraded communities into healthy, abundant communities based on equality, inclusion and natural processes is a powerful solution. Justice reform, inclusion and community are the keys to the common goal of a regenerative future.

Our hearts ache with native, black, brown lives right now, but we are with you, listening, open, willing to change, and willing to support a new future….deserved by all beings…human and non-human. Let us know how we can best use the tools we have to help.

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