How Does Measure W Affect You?

What Is Measure W?

Measure W was voted into effect in November 2018 and will raise an estimated $300 million per year for stormwater capture, treatment and reuse projects. These important infrastructure projects aim to conserve water, offer flood protection, and increase water quality.

How Does It Directly Affect Me?

The money to fund Measure W is coming from a new a parcel tax of 2.5 cents per square foot of “impermeable area.” This will cost the average homeowner in LA County about $83/year. This extra cost is not going to break the bank for most homeowners… but let’s just add it to the ever going list of reasons to re-design your driveway and yard with permeable surfaces! Not only will it save you money, but surfaces that allow water to percolate are vital to the health of our soil, ecosystem, and drinking water sources.

This Is Where SMGA Can Help!

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Shawn Maestretti Garden Architecture are specialists in designing landscapes that use permeable surfaces, landforms, bioswales, and cisterns to capture and reuse rainwater.

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