Get Rewarded for Going Green! Turf Replacement Rebates

Did you know you can get a rebate of $2 per square foot for turf replacement?

If you are considering converting your turf to a regenerative garden, contact SMGA today to develop plans for your new eco-friendly outdoor oasis! These rebates only last as long as they are funded… act now!

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Replacing turf…

Saves Water (and $$)

Increases Biodiversity

…among other benefits!

If you would like to do some research on your own, the main rebate is run by the Metropolitan Water District and includes the majority of Southern California. You can check to see if your house is eligible for their rebate by clicking the button below and entering your address as well as the square footage of turf to be removed in your front and back yard.

Check Eligibility and Estimate Rebate

Some municipalities, like Orange County, decide not to opt into the Metropolitan Water District Rebate and instead offer their own rebate. Therefore, if you input your address through the link above and the results say “not eligible,” we recommend web searching “Turf Replacement Rebate [Your City].”

When you decide to ditch your turf for a more beautiful and environmentally-sensitive garden, SMGA is here to help! We are experts in regenerative landscapes (landscapes that go beyond sustainability). These include native and climate-appropriate plants as well as rainwater capture and reuse.

As a final note, the same program offers rain barrel and water cistern rebates up to $350. If you live in Santa Monica, that rebate can go up to $2,000. Check your local rebates and take advantage of them!

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