GARDEN HIGHLIGHT: 1938 Colonial-Revival Regenerative Garden in Hollywood, CA

‚ÄúWhat is this garden doing?‚Ä̬† ¬†This is the question I must ask throughout the design process of any project. ¬†There is always time to project myself into the future of each space and imagine what¬†will¬†be happening. For the longest time I would dream them buzzing with pollinators, capturing rainfall, changing all year long, engaging the community, and of course bringing joy to our clients. Lately, we have opened our focus to broaden towards a changing climate and garden resiliency.

Now our main focus is on water, biodiversity and carbon in landscapes that work with nature, instead of against it. One might think of sustainability, but that buzzword has been used too loosely and the outcome is less than effective. Our planet needs beyond sustainability. Our planet needs REGENERATIVE LANDSCAPES.

To put this in the simplest of ways, we are re-imagining FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. The design will lend itself to a number of factors, but only after we have set the intention to work with natural processes first and foremost. Aesthetics will certainly follow if the process has been thoroughly acted upon.

This project set a benchmark for all future projects and we hope to create a method of keeping score on the actual carbon footprint. We continue to ask ourselves,¬†‚ÄúCan the next garden finally be carbon-neutral, or even net-positive?”¬†¬†Imagine designing and implementing pockets, parcels and parks of naturalistic, carbon-conscious¬†spaces that actually work with mother nature and not against her.

From inception to install this regenerative garden, with a strong colonial-revival foundation, continues to bring excitement, engagement and sanctuary to our clients and all critters that visit.

Shawn Maestretti Garden Architecture are experts in creating beautiful regenerative landscapes that sequester carbon, capture and reuse rainwater, and increase biodiversity.

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