Fall Planting Post

Leave-strewn paths and misty mornings…
Fall is here!

It’s October and that means a few things

Pumpkin spice lattes … eye roll…

Halloween decorations…

…and planting season!

Ready… Set.. Start Planting!

We had some fortuitous rains last week. Here’s to more rain this Autumn and Winter! For those of you who have, want, or are getting ready to plant climate-appropriate gardens, now is the time to get those young plants in the ground.

Why is this a good time? What does climate-appropriate mean?

The California Floristic Province, where most of you live, is one of the five Mediterranean climates around the world. We share similar rainfall and dry season patterns as Central Chile, South Africa, Southwestern Australia and the expanse of the Mediterranean basin.

Our region is able to host so many of the different plants from around the world. But when designing gardens, we must consider the summer-dry nature of ours, especially as Southern California is the driest of all other Mediterranean climates.

California Native Plants are not only most suitable for our climate, they keep our native pollinators and wildlife from disappearing.

I love California plants, AND I love plants from around the world as well. Mixing Mediterranean-climate plants with California Native Plants is possible, even spectacular while maintaining stewardship of our local eco-region.

Want to know more? Contact me for a consultation or to schedule a time for me to talk with your group or organization.

With my blessings,


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