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(8.3.23) Redefining Ego-centric Design with Shawn Maestretti

How do we balance being the dominant species and catalyst for change on the planet while trying not to dominate nature?




Thursday, August 3rd, 2023, 7:00PM – 8:30 PM PDT


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The field of landscape architecture, and beyond, is past ready for transformation. Change starts with upgrading our beliefs and values as they influence our behaviors…specifically, our design and lifestyle choices. Humanity is of crucial planetary importance, since our choices affect the planet more than other species’ do, and our reintegration with the living systems that support all life, is our top priority. As individual practitioners, we can look at our personal relationship to ourselves, to our communities, and to Nature’s intelligence as the impetus to reimagining landscape and lifestyle.

This discussion will focus on the value of expanding beyond the self; reconnecting to the energy cycle as a transformative organizing principle; redefining Form Follows Function; to acknowledge past and present, separation and disruption; and inviting our profession to embody a reunion and lead by example.

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