(8.16.24) Time in the Gathering Garden

Wisdom on design, interconnection and community wellness through Nature


In Person. Studio Petrichor Garden


Friday, August 16th, 2024, 12:30 -2:00 PM PDT


RSVP online at infopolyana@gmail.com

Suggested Donation $20 Donate Here

Do you feel a gentle pull toward something deeper? Join our community, where compassion and connection bloom through soil, plants, gardens, and how we engage with the cosmos (AKA Nature).

What is the Gathering Garden? A place to deepen connections with the land and each other through wellness practices, wisdom talks, and shared meals.  

Wellness and health are foundational to our relationship with the planet. The Gathering Garden offers a space to receive, express, and give thanks, easing from the workweek into the weekend with peace and gratitude. Spiritual, physical, and environmental health are intertwined!

What to Expect Our Friday sessions start with introductions to various practices like meditation, EFT tapping, and breathwork to relax and inspire holistic health. We’ll then dive into wisdom talks and enjoy a delicious, homemade plant-based lunch.

This group welcomes anyone eager to explore and connect with the natural world through the lessons of plants, fungi, watersheds, and diverse living intelligence.


  • Suggested Donation: $20 to support Poly/Ana’s work and the great food. Donate what you can!

Give yourself the gift of a Friday afternoon. Ease into the weekend with us. Invite a friend and make it a lunch date!

You will want to come prepared to sit on the ground or in a chair in a natural, organic garden setting.  Bring a water bottle, perhaps a blanket or pillow if you want to sit and connect with the Earth.  

Reserve Your Spot Email us at infopolyana@gmail.com to reserve your space for and donate through our website at thepolyana.org. If you can, consider donating a bit more to support those who might benefit but are financially struggling.  (15 spaces available)

Poly/Ana is a non-profit dedicated to empowering communities to protect and honor Earth’s natural systems through education, research, and connection.  Your hosts are Shawn Maestretti and Leigh Adams of Poly/Ana and Studio Petrichor.

Let’s cherish our time and create space within ourselves to receive Nature’s wisdom. Join us in celebrating the interdependence of human consciousness and living systems, honoring the climate, and being the change we want to see in the world.

A rotating plant-based meal, wellness modality and wisdom talk will be prepared each gathering. 

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