(11.18.23) Whole-System Gardens : Natures Intelligence Guiding the Future of Design

Join the UCLA Mathias Botanical Garden and Shawn Maestretti, the founder and principal landscape architect of Studio Petrichor, as he invites us to rethink our connection with the land by tapping into Nature’s wisdom.


In Person


Saturday, November 18th, 2023, 11:00 AM PDT


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Through captivating visual storytelling, Shawn will guide us on a journey that explores our relationship with planet Earth. He will unearth potent tools to transform urban landscapes impacted by human activity into water-conscious, biodiverse, and vibrant environments that redefine our perception of beauty.
Throughout his presentation, Shawn will delve into key concepts such as rainfall integration, soil optimization, embracing the Carbon Culture, cultivating a passion for native plants, and harnessing the power of community as a catalyst for change. With his deep-rooted passion, extensive experience, and unwavering optimism, Shawn inspires his audiences to take action.

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