Casa Petrichor

Welcome to Studio Petrichor: our ever-evolving homestead and design studio

Nestled in Altadena, CA, just below the Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains, this modest 1947 traditional-minimal home is a place of respite and inspiration for the Studio Petrichor design team.

The front garden is framed by one continuous hugelkultur berm built entirely from materials found onsite and planted with all California native plants. The front rain garden captures just shy of 600 gallons of water from 1″ of rain and supports the roots of our very old trees. The hugelkultur berm is planted and raised just high enough to block our views of the asphalt road and parked cars, while connecting to our neighbors’ landscapes and the San Gabriel Mountains beyond. Our mailbox is an ongoing mosaic project that represents elements on all four sides. Earth, Air, Water, and Fire are depicted in my second attempt to learn mosaic. It is always helpful to remind oneself of our existence and connection to the natural world.

Check back regularly for updates on our ever-changing garden!

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