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A Spanish-Colonial Revival home built in 1927 in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.


What started as a simple backyard garden for one owner eventually became a wild native habitat created for comfort, inspiration, and engagement with nature for the next home owner. The rear garden represents a native chaparral hillside that transitions through a path of water into a lush riparian edge that captures rainwater, limiting waste and ensuring a lush garden year-round.


A perfect opportunity to replace the water-thirsty turf lawn with an organized, formal yet naturalistic, drought-tolerant Mediterranean garden. The garden is designed to embrace the sloping terrain. Each tier is fully developed as its own space, upon having ascended the steps to the entry then there is the opportunity to reflect on the garden as a whole. The new entry steps have a simple yet textural sand finish with saw-cut grooves and an 8” tall cheek wall that will frame the entire passage to the front door and rose garden. The rose garden is conceived of as an invitation to enjoy the garden’s fragrance and beauty directly from the living room’s generous French doors. A space to entertain in, a cut-flower garden, an overlook to the sloped garden below and to the charm of neighboring homes, a breath of fresh air.

The parkway and maintenance path planted with the drought-adapted Kurapia, a turf alternative that embodies the look of the classic greenway turf.

Greens need growing! New photos of this project coming soon.

Shawn Maestretti - Landscape Architect - Spanish Colonial Revival Garden
Shawn Maestretti - Landscape Architect - Spanish Colonial Revival Garden
Shawn Maestretti - Landscape Architect - Spanish Colonial Revival Garden
Shawn Maestretti - Landscape Architect - Spanish Colonial Revival Garden
Shawn Maestretti - Landscape Architect - Spanish Colonial Revival Garden

A modern home built to overlook the Pacific Ocean in close proximity to the beach.


These clients were referred to us based on our experience with designing and installing healthy gardens that can handle the coastal environment. The garden we created together represents a collection of beautiful and sculptural plants that thrive in the extreme coastal conditions of Southern California. Plants from Australia, South Africa, the Mediterranean region and California blend together and provide year-round interest. The fine textured foliage of the Peppermint Willow (Agonis Flexuosa) and masses of grasses bring movement and sound on a breezy day. Sculptural succulents like Agave ‘Blue Flame’ and Vanbelen’s Aloe add structure and interest to the foundational groundcover plantings.

The rear garden has grown in beautifully and creates a beautiful view from indoors. Groupings of Agave ‘Blue Flame’, English Lavender, Rockrose and Seaside Daisy form a tight-knit tapestry of color and texture.


Shawn and team were such a pleasure to work with. They are dedicated, detail-oriented and extremely knowledgeable. We wanted a lush, beautiful and drought-tolerant garden for our Malibu beach house, and they delivered. We currently get to watch our gardens grow and thrive with something blooming through each season. His use of vibrant greens and pops of colorful, architectural succulents has made our home not only beautiful but unique to the neighborhood. I highly recommend hiring Shawn Maestretti to anyone that wants a garden designed with thoughtfulness, passion and integrity.